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Accessibility Statement

This site has been built to help you if you have difficulties when you're viewing websites, such as clearly seeing text or using a mouse. You can:

  • Re-size text
  • Change fonts and colours
  • Use the site without a mouse

Wherever possible this site adheres to WCAG 2.0 Level A compliance.

Re-sizing text

To change the size of the on-screen text

In IE and Firefox go to View > Text size and choose your text size. You can also change the text size if you are using Windows and have a wheel on your mouse. Hold down the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel up to make the text bigger, or down to make it smaller.

Changing fonts and colours

To change colours and fonts:

In IE go into Tools > Internet Options > General and choose Fonts or Colours to change the settings on your browsers.

In Firefox go into Tools > Options > General and select the colours and fonts you want.

The site uses style sheets to control how it looks. This means the site will work if you ignore the style sheet. In IE go to Tools > Internet Options > General > Accessibility to take off colours and fonts from the style sheet and use the browser defaults. You can also use this dialog to apply your own style sheet.

Using the site without a mouse

The site will work without a mouse. Use Tab to cycle through all the links, buttons and fields, and Tab+Shift to go backwards. Press Enter to select a highlighted link or button.

Still having problems?

If you're still experiencing accessibility problems with this site you may want to contact our Service Support Team.

Our Service Support Team can be contacted by email at support@autocheck.co.uk